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Driving to Malaysia? Read this first!

Have gotten this warning from my Malaysia friends. I would like to share these tips with you guys! Don’t turn your holiday into a nightmare.

All north-south highway users who are planning to stop at any R&R for toilet break, eat, rest or pray. It is not advisable to leave your vehicle unattended while parked.  If you do stop, take turns for toilet break and so on. There are many cases where vehicles are tampered with, and then breakdown after leaving the R&R.

Last week there were ten cases.
Typical damages include: –
1.      Engine over-heating ….. drained engine oil / engine damage
3.      Issues like oil brake drained, clutch oil drained, power steering oil drained, etc

All this will happen when you continue your drive. You would then have to stop along the highway.  It will be a distance away from the R&R. Then in a short period of time, one car will stop to offer help (usually a mechanic) who will quickly determine your problem. For example, if your car engine overheats, he will show you the leaking tank hoses and so on depending on the “problem”.

This message is to alert all highway users of the deliberate acts of the syndicates. He will deliberately damage the vehicles that are parked at the R&R.  He will follow the damaged vehicle when the driver resumes the journey.  When the damage occurs, he will offer help such as towing to his workshop where the vehicle will be dismantled for parts and incurring thousands of dollars in repairs.

This is serious! Plus highway is taking action with auxiliary police (in plain clothes) patrolling the highways and R&R but was unable to stem the syndicate’s activities because there are many groups and always on the move.

The advice from Plus Highway:
•       avoid stopping along the highway if possible.
•       if you have to, make sure someone stays inside the vehicle with doors locked

Parking at the R&R is not safe anymore.  Be careful.

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