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How it works

macbook-577758_640MyMortgage.sg is tied up with all banks that’s offering mortgage loans. When someone takes up a mortgage loan through us, the bank will pay us a fee. That’s where the company makes $$ from. It is part of the bank’s acquisition cost and it will not be “loaded” to the customer who takes up the loan. Hence this service is 100% free.

The Pitch

I’m sure every banker that you spoke to, will tell you that their loan package is the best! But is it really the best deal currently?

We provide unbiased advice on the loan package comparison from different banks to help you make an informed decision on which bank to go with.

We will walk you through the entire process making your loan hunting hassle free and avoid all the costly “mistakes”.

If you have any questions, do email us at Enquiries@MyMortgage.sg.

Have a great day ahead!

MyMortgage.sg Team