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NTUC Linkpoints

Ever thought of walking the extra mile to NTUC Fairprice to buy a thing or two? not because it is cheaper but for the link points? I’m sure some will (and I’m one of them) until i found out something about it. NTUC Fairprice cashiers are so well trained that they will always ask you if you have NTUC member even when you are just buying a can of drink. One little known fact is that for any purchase that is below $20, you will not be awarded linkpoints! If you look at the receipt, it will show your NRIC number scanned in but no link points awarded.If you are making the extra effort for the linkpoints, a $20 purchase will be worth your while otherwise getting it somewhere nearby would be a better choice (for me at least)

Link Points rewards range from 100 to 150 points per dollar value of voucher (e.g 1500 points for a $10 voucher). You can also use link points for purchase offset directly at the NTUC Fairprice cashiers.

Recently NTUC has adjusted some of their best promo periods to every Thursday and its store specific (location specific). If you can wait out to get your groceries, get it on Thursday!

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