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Refinance your loan

Housing loan is not something that you can pay and forget. The main aim of the loan refinancing exercise is to reduce the amount of interest paid to the bank. Here’s an example:

Loan Amount Left : $500,000

Your Current Bank A currently paying an interest of 2%

New Proposed Bank B interest: 1.38%

Interest Savings over 3 years : $9,038

Expected legal and valuation costs (After subsidy) : $900

Nett Savings : $8,138 over 3 years

That’s how we will help you to save $$. First we will look at your current loan interest and compare it with current market offerings to see if it makes financial sense to refinance. If the answer is yes, we will do all the paperwork for you and advice you along the way. And yes, this service is 100% free!