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Sibor 2017 Mid year review

Singapore Interbank Offer Rate 2017

Jan-June Changes  
1 Month Sibor+0.089%+12.3%
3 Month Sibor+0.026%+2.7%
12 Month Sibor-0.058%-4%

Difference between 1M and 3M Sibor in Jan in 0.245% and in June, the difference has reduced to 0.182%. Looks like 1M Sibor is gaining since the start of year and most probably would end up close to 3M Sibor in December.

12M Sibor has been hovering around 1.38%, with the lowest bank margin of 0.7%, effective interest rate is 2.08%. Fixed rate right now hovers between 1.58% to 1.68%, so 12M Sibor package is a big no no.

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